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About Vibeline

What is Vibeline?

Vibeline is the most trusted chatline company in North America for African Americans. We have been giving like-minded men and women a safe and secure place to converse since 1990.

What’s Different About Vibeline?

The voice lets you get straight to the point and chat with locals who you can relate to and are on the same level as you. You can’t find that on an app or website.

Why is Chatting Better?

Hearing a voice is much better than words on your phone or computer screen. It allows you to tap into something real to find out right away if you connect. It lets you be yourself with all the benefits of real-time voice - while completely anonymous and secure.

Safety & Anonymity

Vibeline is safe, secure and private. Your identity will always be secure. Calling from the privacy of home gives you the freedom to make yourself comfortable and relaxed. There are no online profiles so you can enjoy your conversations knowing your identity will stay yours alone.

What Can I Get From Vibeline?

Vibeline Chatline is whatever you make it. Share every part of you or be a mystery. Try it and you’ll see that chatting is the best way to make a connection.

Vibeline for the Ladies

We make it easy for women to connect with real fellas who are interesting, strong and relatable. Always secure and anonymous, you can pick your favorite guy to share your innermost secrets or just talk about your favorite movie - Vibeline is what you want it to be. And it is always free for women!

Vibeline for the Guys

The best way to get a taste of Vibeline Chatline is to experience it! Be yourself and find that vibe with hundreds of real women who are looking for the same things you are. Always secure, always anonymous. Start with a Free Trial, and then as a member you only pay for what you want, when you want it.

Membership Perks

Members enjoy features like Ad-Free chatting, saved greetings, access from any phone number, being able to put people in your Hotlist so you can talk to certain people again, and we also save offline messages for you and let you leave offline messages to members who were recently on the chatline. What are you waiting for? Stop reading and start calling!

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Why choose Vibeline?

Chat with new people, make real connections, enjoy stimulating conversation. Comfortable, safe, and discreet.

Do you have any questions?

Call our friendly Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-431-8423 or send us an email with our contact form, and we'll get back to you within one business day.

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Contact customer service toll-free at 1-800-431-8423.

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